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Lagos Based Real Estate Company

At Spring City, we are all about building cities and achieving financial freedom. Spring City was founded by a financial expert and run by a team of experience real estate practitioners.

We are passionate about reducing the percentage of people living in substandard housing by providing affordable, worthwhile real estate investment options while providing financial advisory services to help individuals properly plan their income to allow for real estate investment.

We position our clients at the forefront of their financial dreams. Bringing more than 20 years’ experience, forging
collaborations across financial education, advisory, real estate, investment and many more.

Gift Osaremen Emmanuel


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Property Advisory

Our services span from real estate marketing to property advisory and also includes human capacity development. We provide all clients with a friendly, transparent and thoroughly professional service.

Our Statements


To continually provide financial advisory services to facilitate the development of modern and affordable cities/homes for people in the BCDE socio-economic class and seekers of financial freedom.


Partnering with seekers of financial freedom to reduce the percentage of people living in substandard settlements.

Core Values

In our service delivery we uphold: Prudence – We achieve the best result with client’s resources
Agility – We speedily attend to our client’s needs
Quality – We deliver excellence



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