SpringCity Training Hub is a subsidiary of SpringCity Realtors and Estate Ltd established to run real estate management soft skill courses virtually and physically across the globe.

About SpringCity Training

Our courses are structured around the major needs or problems discovered in the real estate and development industry. They vary from Sales &Marketing, Real Estate business set up. Real estate Business Structuring & Processes, Digital marketing practices, branding to business Executive programs.

Our training are handled by industry experts with proofs of success spanning into decades. We also run training partnership and collaborations with Real Estate organizations, groups and more.

SpringCity Training give a combination of training and on the job Mentorship.

Our students are issued certificate of completion at the end of every training session.

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Vision Statement

To become a foremost training hub discharging developmental skills and opportunities in the Real Estate sector across the globe.

Mission Statement

Adopting developmental strategies, tools and resources to achieving visible success for our students.

Core Competence

Research, Experience, Result, Mentorship

Our Courses

Take any of our courses and become your desired success.
Our training comes with a one month mentorship to help staggering students get better

Basic Real Estate Skill Development (BRESD)

This course is designed for Real Estate business newbie and individuals willing to refresh their knowhow in the Real Estate business.

Duration: Three weeks ( 10 days)

Students Expectations after Course

  • To have a full grab of how the Real Estate works.
  • To have known how to successfully set-up, structure, run and grow a Real Estate and development.
  • To have known how to set goals and achieve them.
  • To have known the right partnership and collaboration that will yield great result.
  • To have known how to make good sales from the diversities of markets.
  • To have known the comprehensive documentation and legalities of real estate
  • And many more.


  • Introduction to Real Estate
  • Real Estate legals and documentation
  • Introduction to the business of Real Estate
  • (Real Estate, Realtorship, Investment and development)
  • Real Estate business planning, set- up, structures, operations and growth development
  • Real Estate Sales and marketing Principles and strategies
  • The Psychology of Goal settings and target designing
  • Real Estate accountability
  • Mentorship

Certificate are presented at the end of training to all students.

Training Fee: N49,999 ( Forty nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine naira only)

Our Trainings are Bi-Monthly

Classes: Physically/Virtual

Advance Real Estate Masterclass(ARESD)

This course is designed for Real Estate professionals who desire sustainability in opportunities and success hence crave for more advancement in the industry

Duration: 1 week ( 3-4days)

Students Expectations after Course

To have discovered more smart strategies that will help create sustainable and outstanding success while building a future in the industry.


  •  Real Estate and Development Management (REDM)
  • Successful Leadership and Operations Management (SLOM)
  • Real Estate Revenue Development (RERD)
  • Advance Sales and Marketing Managementt (ASMM)
  • Viabilities and Relevance Management (VRM)
  • Mentorship

Certificate are presented at the end of training to all students.

Training Fee: N120,500 ( One hundred and twenty thousand, five hundred naira only)

Our Trainings are Bi-Monthly

Classes: Physically/Virtual

One Year Real Estate Mentorship

The one year Real Estate Mentorship is designed for realtors, real estate consultants and developers who desire outstanding success with a robust accountability attention.

Duration: 1 year

  • Every Real Estate professional needs this Mentorship for effectiveness.
  • By Subscribing to this program, your success is 100% assured.
  • It is strictly designed for a number of participants yearly.
  • Once the expected number is reached, enrolment will be till another year.

Focus: Sales and business Success


  • 5 hours monthly session with the president
  • Weekly access to sales materials and developmental tools
  • Weekly access to Live session on a closed facebook group
  • Access to practical sales materials by president
  • And many more

Fee: N400,000 (Four Hundred Thousand Naira Only)

This is a hands on approach to real estate designed for realtors, consultants and developers.


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